At Epsoft Computer Services (WA) we can build your website on almost any website hosting service, but there are things to keep in mind when choosing a hosting company.

Cheapest is not the best way to go

  • Australian owned and operated companies give you better service and better search engine rankings.
  • Most of the big companies are hard to deal with as they are overseas based and time differences can cause major delays when something goes wrong.

We prefer to use Conetix to host the websites we build

Conetix are a very professional and knowledgeable, 100% Australian owned and operated business. They have a very transparent relationship between Us, The Client and Conetix to provide the best service possible. You (The Client) talk directly with Conetix when setting up your domain name and hosting, or you can nominate us to discuss the technical jargon with Conetix, if you wish, on your behalf. Either way, you (The Client) are always kept informed of what is happening.

Conetix can manage everything to do with your website from the start so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This means we everything is managed in one place.

Domain Registration | Domain Renewals | Website Hosting | Email Hosting

Conetix also offer other services such as

Virtual Private Servers | SSL Certficates | Anti Spam & Virus Protection | Cloudflare

Epsoft Computer Services (WA) have been working with Conetix for two years now

We do not receive any discounts or kickbacks for recommending Conetix.