IT Services

Our IT services include nearly all aspects of Windows based computing.

From basic setup, installing peripherals (e.g. printers, cameras, modems and routers) to small office or home network setups.

We can also speed up your PC by performing scans and removing the junk that builds up on every Windows based computer.


More often than not, when you think your computer has a virus it is more likely to be malware or spyware. While relatively harmless, malware and spyware can be extremely annoying.

Symptoms of Malware and Spyware can be any or all of the following:

  • Your computer starts running slower than normal
  • Your internet browsing gets mysteriously redirected to other websites
  • You get annoying pop-ups and have no idea where they come from

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Viruses are real and can be very dangerous. In some cases, a virus can corrupt and/or wipe out every document, photo and other personal files without hope of retrieval.

We always recommend you have a decent anti-virus program running on your computer and keep it up to date.

We can usually detect and remove most viruses even if you don’t have anti-virus software running on your computer but there is no guarantee. If your computer has a serious infection, you may lose some or all of your personal files.

If worst comes to worst and you lose all your data, we may still be able to wipe clean your computer and restore it back to its original condition.

This will depend on a number of factors:

  • If your computer has a recovery partition on the hard drive when it was built
  • If you have the original windows disc and product key
  • If you have created a restore point or a recovery partition

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Repairs and Upgrades

Sometimes your computer and just spits the dummy and refuses to work.

It’s quite possible that it will be a power supply or stick of RAM that has failed and either of these can stop your computer in it’s tracks.

Sometimes it can be more serious, especially if your computer has received an electrical shock from a power surge. This can cause serious damage to multiple components in your PC. This is when you need to weigh up the cost of replacing all the components that were damaged against buying a new computer.

It’s also a good idea to check your household insurance if your computer is damaged by a power surge.

Quite often your computer can be upgraded with additional ram or bigger hard drives for much less expense than buying a new computer.

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